Mice reveal 38 genes related to hearing loss – research may provide genetic medicine targets in the future.

Researchers at Wellcome Sanger Institute and King’s College London reported that they have identified 38 seperate genes involved in hearing loss in the results of a large scale mice study. Researchers also found that of these 38 genes, 11 of them were associated with hearing loss in humans, by comparing DNA data between the mice and humans.

Frequency Therapeutics Announces positive Phase 1 Trial data for hearing restoration drug

Frequency Therapeutics has announced that their hearing loss drug, FX-322, has passed phase 1 clinical trials. The drug works by activating dormant progenitor cells in the ear to repair the damaged tissue which is responsible for the hearing loss. These progenitor cells are essentially leftovers from human development. FX-322 is purported to not only activate these cells, but cause them...