About RE

Regenerative Times was formed after realizing that there was a gap to be filled in reporting on cutting edge medical developments.

A majority of news sources in this field cater to either specialized medicine practitioners, decision makers, investors, etc.. or they take a ‘pop science’ approach and write articles as a form of casual entertainment.

We believe either of these approaches leave out the most important person – the patient that’s afflicted by a condition that is not addressed adequately – or at all – by today’s means of treatments.

Regenerative Times is written with that patient in mind – to cover the fast-moving fields of what we call medicine 3.0 – the shift from pharmaceutical and surgical approaches to regenerative, genetic, cellular, and nutritional therapies that address the underlying condition.

We are excited about medicine 3.0 and we hope you enjoy hearing about the future of medicine as much as we do.

Regenerative Times’ funding source

Regenerative Times’ sole source of income is affiliate links and advertisements. We do not endorse or recommend any medical procedure, medical product, or health treatment – IE we do not do paid articles aka ‘influencing’. We report news for news’ sake. ( Oh, and we aren’t doctors either. )

Our writers are made up of science aficionados, journalists, and researchers who are interested in creating public awareness about future treatment alternatives; and perhaps inspire a generation to think about human health differently.