Patients regain sensation and muscle function in affected limbs in early trial of CelGro nerve regeneration treatment


Orthocell Limited is running an early clinical trial with 20 patients and has reported that they have seen motor control restored in 4 of the patients who had a ‘muscle power score of 0’. These initial 4 patients apparently reached a score of 4 ( 0-5 scale ), representing a 83% improvement.

Results from the first trials are still ongoing. 15 of the 20 patients have been given the treatment, and the company is waiting on results to fully improve the therapy. The therapy appears to be an artificial membrane that is wrapped around the nerve or muscle to aid the repair of the tissue.

The therapy is said to make nerve and muscle repairs in orthopedic and trauma surgery considerably easier to do.

Further details about the report can be found in Orthocell’s press release.


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