Talaris Therapeutics announces promising phase 2 data of anti-organ rejection stem cell therapy


Talaris Therapeutics has announced some very promising phase 2 results for their therapy, FCR001, giving those who are dependent on immunosuppressive drugs after an organ transplant a beam of hope today.

FCR001 is an allogenic cell therapy that aims to eliminate the need for continuous administration of immunosuppressive drugs in patients that have received organ transplants. The drug is said to ‘establish a stable, chimeric immune system comprised of both donor and recipient cells’.

In the phase 2 trial conducted at two leading transplant centers, 70% of the 37 patients studied were able to be weaned off all of their immunosuppressive treatments, regardless of the ‘HLA mismatch’ between the recipient’s immune system and that of the donor who provided the organ. Each patient who successfully quit immunosuppressive therapy was followed for 5-10 years, and each of those patients retained the positive benefit to their immune system after the FCR001 therapy.

We think these are some amazing results, and this could likely become the first-line treatment for all recipients of organ donations in the future. Current immunosuppressive therapies are laden with side effects, and the worst one is that they can attack the donated organ itself, creating the need for repeated organ replacements.

Talaris Therapeutics has also recently raised $100 million dollars in a Series A financing round and plans to start phase 3 clinical trials later this year.

For more information, see their press release: https://talaristx.com/2019/04/talaris-therapeutics-inc-announces-promising-phase-2-data-of-novel-allogeneic-cell-therapy-in-living-donor-kidney-transplant-recipients/


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