‘Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News’ highlights the problems insurers will face with regenerative medicine


It appears that Regenerative Times is not the only one thinking about how disruptive medicine 3.0 will be. Matthew Majweski at Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News has written a report on similar lines, which may be interesting to readers of this blog, so we figured it was worth mention.

The article highlights the fact that regenerative therapies will increase traditional health care insurers’ costs in the short term, but reduce them in the long term. The article also highlights some proposed potential strategies healthcare insurers may partake in the age of medicine 3.0, and the fact that governments and heath insurers are not exactly prepared or in agreement on how to handle the disruption that medicine 3.0 will bring.

The article is a short read and anyone involved in the industry or curious about how regenerative medicine will roll out in the United States will should give it a read: https://www.genengnews.com/insights/preparing-u-s-healthcare-insurance-for-high-cost-curative-therapies/


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