MTF Biologics introduces moldable cartilage allograft for cartilage lesions


MTF Biologics has introduced a new mold-able, putty-like allograft for filling in cartilage lesions called ‘CartiMax’.

The putty contains chondrocytes and chondrogenic growth factors, which are said to proliferate and secrete components found in hyaline cartilage ( proteoglycans and collagen type II). It is indicated for use in filling cartilage lesions in knees, ankles, and other joints; and is said to integrate into the surrounding cartilage tissue.

The allograft material is new to the market and experience with the product is limited. The company states that “These grafts have been studied in a small number of patients and preliminary outcomes (up to 6 months) are very promising with early indications of decrease in pain and increase in IKDC [International Knee Documentation Committee] and KOOS [Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score] scores, no significant bone edema or graft delamination, and early observation of complete fill and excellent incorporation. We continue to collect data and plan to publish clinical results in the coming months.”

For more information, see MTF Biologics’ press release here:


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