3D printed bone takes a big step forward


Scientists at Rice University and the University of Maryland have outlined a new proof-of-concept for 3D printing artificial bone tissue, in a new paper published in Acta Biomaterialia.

The artificial bone concept uses 3D printed cell scaffolds. These experimental structures are made from a custom mixture of polymer and ceramic material. The end product was designed to closely mimic the structure of bone and cartilage tissue.

After the scaffolds were dried, the scaffolds underwent a rigorous compression tests to prove that they are mechanically equivalent to natural bone.

“Moving forward, the technique described here will serve as the template for more complex multimaterial constructs with bioactive cues that better match native tissue physiology and promote tissue regeneration,” state the authors.

Antonios Mikos lead bioengineer and one of the authors of the paper added, “What we’ve done here is impactful and may lead to new regenerative medicine solutions.”

For more information, see the original paper at:


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