UCARTCS1, the first allogenic T-Cell treatment for Multiple Myeloma, has been cleared by the FDA to begin Phase 1 trials.


Those suffering of Multiple Myeloma have reason for hope today, as the first treatment using allogenic genetically modified CAR t-cells has passed the Investigational New Drug process with the FDA, allowing Cellectis to proceed with Phase 1 trials.

The current approach to treating multiple myeloma requires the patient’s blood to be extracted and processed, using an expensive process and specialized equipment. The treatment can approach $100,000 USD, according to this summary of how CAR t-cell therapy currently works at curetoday.

Allogenically produced CAR t-cells skip the expensive stages of harvesting and processing cells from the patient, and this process is potentially far more economical and can produce more effective CAR-t cells in less time, leading to expanded access to treatment for multiple myeloma.

You can read more about this at cellectis’ press release.


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