Frequency Therapeutics Announces positive Phase 1 Trial data for hearing restoration drug


Frequency Therapeutics has announced that their hearing loss drug, FX-322, has passed phase 1 clinical trials.

The drug works by activating dormant progenitor cells in the ear to repair the damaged tissue which is responsible for the hearing loss. These progenitor cells are essentially leftovers from human development. FX-322 is purported to not only activate these cells, but cause them to divide and differentiate into cells that can regenerate tissue in the ear.

This drug is still early in it’s development, and it’s effectiveness has not been fully assessed yet, but we believe the approach has a good chance of working and may result in the first treatment for hearing loss. FT plans to reveal more results from their clinical trials in 2019 at a ‘major otolaryngology meeting in 2019’ and initiate a phase 2a trial later this year.

The original press release can be found here:


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