Okyanos Center For Regenerative Medicine begins testing stem cells for Traumatic Brain Injury in veterans


24 U.S. military veterans have been enrolled to receive stem cell therapy at the Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine under a special program that aims to study the results of stem cell therapy for the treatment of pain, orthopedic injuries, and brain injuries.

Okyanos’ services were provided at cost. The Advancement of Cellular Therapy Foundation, a charitable foundation in the Bahamas, funded the remainder of the cost for the program.

The program will track the health status of the veterans over the course of 12 months of treatment, and this could possibly yield some important clinical data about how stem cells can affect TBI.

For more information, the original source is here: https://okyanos.com/okyanos-center-for-regenerative-medicine-treats-military-veterans-with-stem-cell-therapy-for-traumatic-brain-injury-tbi-and-chronic-pain-due-to-orthopedic-injuries/


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