Bio-chip operates on first patient in a new trial of a pioneering cartilage regeneration procedure


It seems that bio-chip is finally back to making some progress in their fascinating approach to cartilage regeneration; on December 24th, they report that they treated their first patient at the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute of Milan, Italy.

In case you are not familiar with this procedure, this is how bio-chip explains it:

“The cartilage regeneration procedure consists of two phases: in a first step, a small biopsy of cartilage from the nasal septum was collected and sent to a special laboratory in Germany, where the cartilage cells were grown and then cultured onto a special membrane. In the second phase, the resulting construct was cut to duplicate the shape and the size of the cartilage lesion of the knee and then transplanted to cover the lesion. In the following months, the cells will continue to develop and produce a new cartilage matrix, which will fill the defect, replenishing a new cartilaginous tissue.

As far as the clinical trial goes, the press release has this to say:

“The enrollment of patients continues for the study. This clinical trial is open to patients of both sexes aged between 18 and 65, who do not already have severe osteoarthritic joint degeneration and who are affected by one or two cartilage lesions of the knee, with a total extension of no more than 8 square centimetres.”

Patients are currently being enrolled at the Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute, the University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland; the Universit├Ątsklinikum Freiburg, Germany, the Sveti Duh University Hospital in Zagreb, Croatia and the University of W├╝rzburg, Germany.

For more information on biochip, please visit them here:

Their press release is here:


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